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Inaugural Elite Nurse Practitioner Virtual Conference

Livestream Event

October 20-22, 2023

Learn how to achieve the ultimate goal of professional and financial freedom with this 3-day, virtual live-online event.

12 Contact Hours 

Nurse Practitioner experts sharing real-life, practical advice to help you achieve professional success and  financial independence


Live online classes across 12 topics with actionable instruction to begin improving your personal and professional life

Unlimited access to livestream recordings for later viewing, available starting November 6


Sessions created by nurse practitioners, for nurse practitioners

Kick start your professional success with sessions that cover everything from personal business start-up to clinical advice and recommendations.

Friday Oct 20 Sessions (12 - 4:30 pm PT)

Asset Protection for the Clinic Owner hosted by Justin Allan, FNP

Weight loss, Semaglutide, and Tirzepatide Fundamentals hosted by Heather Quaile, DNP

Iron Clad Ways to Improve Energy and Optimize Hair Growth (Iron Fundamentals) hosted by Jenni Gallagher, FNP

Updates in Hormone Replacement Therapy hosted by Heather Quaile, DNP

Saturday Oct 21 Sessions (9am - 5pm PT)

Rules to Money and Investing hosted by Justin Allan, FNP

BioHacking Introduction and Basics hosted by Patrick Stracuzzzi, FNP

Principles to Growing and Scaling Your Business hosted by Justin Allan, FNP

Estrogen Rules...Or Does It? hosted by Jenni Gallagher, FNP

Functional Medical Principles hosted by Keri Douglas, FNP

Malpractice Considerations hosted by Joe Flores

Q&A Session

Sunday Oct 22 Sessions (9 - 11:30 am PT)

Mental Health Disorder? Or Just a Hormone Deficiency? hosted by Nico Mesleh, FNP

How I Got to $100,000 a Month in a Year hosted by Patrick Stracuzzi, FNP

Q&A Session


Learn More About Our Nurse Practitioner Panel

Patrick Straccuzi, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Justin Allan, MSN, FNP

Heather Quaile, DNP, WHNP-BC, AFN-C, CSC, IF, FAANP

Elite Nurse Practitioner Founder

Owner of Stracuzzi Wellness

Owner of The Sexual Health Optimization and Wellness Center

Joe Flores, JD, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN-R

Cassie Lane, CRNA, DNAP

Nico Mesleh, FNP-C

Founder & Co-Owner of Injectables EDU

Owner of Flores Law Firm

Owner of Apollo Health Optimization

Jenni Gallagher, APRN

Owner of Joyful Heart Healthcare

And More Coming Soon!


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